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A list of collector's items that mostly won't be in bloom, but are available to the discerning enthusiast; many are blooming size, some have bloomed already, not all seen by us. Those that have underlining can be clicked on to see photographs. While organized by general type (ladyslippers, Cattleyas, etc.) the list isn't alphabetized, and as some divisions are very limited in number this list may have additions or deletions at any time.



A note on the photographs: all are copyright Carson Barnes, usable by permission; high quality photo prints are available of many seen here, and many more not seen. Price for 8 x 10 archival prints is $50.00. Larger prints can certainly be made to order. Inquire!


We get compliments from time to time:  "I just received my first order from cborchids and am very pleased. I ordered a Phrag. sedenii and it's a large plant with an impressive root system and healthy foliage...and a tiny new growth peeking out. The packing was excellent and delivery on time. "

Vandas and their relatives:

Vanda barnesii 'Type', CHM/AOS x self - Yes, this species is named for me. The lab I use for species propagation today called to say they have a few flasks left of Vanda barnesii 'Type', CHM/AOS x self. To my surprise there were more than a few flasks, fat seedlings ready for community pots. In fairness to those who paid $100 for these, I'm offering them at $75 (looks to be 30 plantlets in each), if you want several let's make an arrangement, $100 for two, $200 for five. They really don't like temperatures over 85 Fahrenheit or so, keep them humid and pretty bright.


Vanda barnesii - rooted keikis from mature plants, inquire as to availability and price, several different clones here; the two AM clones aren't keikiing (what a verb!) yet, but some others are award quality and pretty.


Vanda javierae - first seen in March 1983 AOS magazine, our awarded plant from 1989 expired long ago - we have two, will try making a sib cross again this year - they're not self fertile. Inquire about a keiki.

Phal. parishii, mounted - very small grower $25.

Phal. cornu-cervi var. alba BS 4” $20

Phalaenopsis amboinensis BS $25 (these have bloomed already)

Papilionanthe vandarum - warm and humid grower, fragrant white and pink flowers; terete growth habit. Seedlings $15

V. tricolor 'Bali Best Girl', AM/AOS rooted keiki $200. Never cloned. One remains.

Vanda denisoniana, fragrant yellow, young blooming size (one in bloom today, 5/22/2015) in 4” $30


Renanthera imschootiana - 5" pots about 18 inches tall, we just got these in; at this size, with enough light and fertilizer, expect more than one spike on first bloom around January - February 2016. We spiked this species at a much smaller size. Profoundly red flowers and lots of them, $50.

Vandachostylis (Vandofinetia) Lou Sneary 'McLellan's M2598', AM/AOS rooted division $100


Vanda tessellata 'Robert', AM/AOS - spectacular, dark mahogany with purple lip and grape kool aid fragrance; well rooted top cutting, way way blooming size with enough light (more than once per year here at 33 degrees north latitude), $125. Just one.

Aerides houllettiana strong keikis in 4” $20; many in spike today 5/22/2015.


Vanda tessellata - these bloom repeatedly from late spring through fall, fragrant 3 - 4 cm. flowers, tan with darker markings and purplish to pink lip. Large blooming size plants $45.

Renanthera citrina 'Fat Man', HCC/AOS - small divisions of the original awarded plant, rooted in pots, $100. These do best mounted on a branch and allowed to root up it. We also have a similar clone, 'Little Boy', HCC/AOS, keikis are available.

Neofinetia falcata 4” $20

Neof. Falcata 'Big Bluto', AM/AOS $100, several divisions available.


Ladyslippers, generally:


Paph. Lady Isabel - big blooming size (two feet across) in 6" $50


Paphiopedilum Quasar (Macabre x rothschildianum) - dark spotted multiflorals, 4" $25


Paphiopedilum Lynnleigh Koopowitz (delenatii x malipoense) - tall stem bears a single, FRAGRANT puffy white and pink ladyslipper flower. $45, blooming size, in spike 5/22/2015.


Paph. Marilyn Hanson (stonei x delenatii) big plants in 6" pots $40

Paph. (rothschildianum x Pinocchio) - similar to Transvaal - in spike $50

Phrag. Grande (longifolium x caudatum), full grown divisions $45

Paph. Ken Ichi Takaya (supardii x philippinense) 6” $45 (2)

Phragmipedium pearcei 'Eeny Weeny', very small grower NBS $40

Phrag. Sedenii, BS div. $25


Phragmipedium longifolium fma. gracile 'Bronze Elf', AM/AOS. Divisions of this miniature growing sequential blooming lady slipper from Honduras $200. Photograph courtesy of Maureen McKovich.


Angraecums and their relatives:


Angraecum sesquipedale - the long spur is why this is sometimes called the Comet Orchid; also called Darwin's, and some other names. Younger plants to bloom in one to two years. $45. This is the standard, eventually large, form of the species.


Angraecum didieri, near blooming size plants, miniature with night fragrant star shaped white flowers, $35.

Angraecum leonis, blooming size seedlings $20; Comoro Islands form.


Angraecum (sesquipedale x longicalcar) - similar to Veitchii, floriferous, night fragrant, large plant on its way to getting very large. $60; just one.


Angraecum birrimense, very showy vining type, seedlings $25


Aeranthes grandiflora 4” young BS $20; night scent like sour cream.


Aeranthes caudata NBS $40 Green with long tails on sepals and petals.

Eurychone rothschildiana 4” BS $30 Compact, grow like Phalaenopsis and prefer to hang.

Cattleyas and their relatives:



Brassavola cucullata - blooming size seedlings, most have bloomed; erect now, eventually pendent growth with very long tails on all floral segments. Weird and beautiful, $25.


Epidendrum schomburgkii - reed stem, orange flowers wigth long pointed segments, youngish but in blooom April 2015 $25.

Cattleya jenmanii forma coerulea - easy to grow, twice-bloomed plant; wonderful fruity fragrance. $50.

Cattleya loddigesii alba - blooms in April, fragrant and compact; $40.

Cattleya (Laelia) purpurata - inquire, we have a few nice clones.


Cattleya x floribunda (maxima x labiata) - the natural hybrid, described in the Gardener's Chronicle in 1895 (which is now viewable on Google) - fragrant, an old curiosity, and as the name suggests, it makes plenty of large, ruffly lavender blooms. $35.


Cattleya C. G. Roebling 'Blue Wonder', AM/AOS - this was Stewart Orchids' plant years ago, the highly fragrant "blue" form of the cross of (purpurata x gaskelliana). One division blooming size, $45.


C. Orglade's Grand. It came to me labeled as the clone 'Yu-Chang Beauty' but I suspect it's actually 'Tian Mu', based mostly on details of lip color. Flowers up to 17 cm. across. A truly regal orchid. $50 for the blooming division, I'm keeping the big one.

Laeliocattleya Santa Barbara Sunset 'Showtime', HCC/AOS, 5 to 6 inch pots $40


Laelia Canariensis 'Golden Glow', HCC/AOS, 4 to 6 inch pots, call, might have to wait until next year.


Cattleya Bob Betts 'York', AM/AOS Classic standard ruffly fragrant white with yellow in throat, bloomed/blooming size plants in 6" $40. A couple in bud 2/18/15.


L. anceps 'Periwinkle' x self - this was McLellan's coerulea breeder, good color but loose form, triple spiker in bloom now $65


Guarianthe patinii - the fall blooming "Cattleya skinneri" - fuchsia flowers on compact plant, $45.

Cattleya dowiana aurea, seedlings in 4” $20

Cattleya mossiae semi alba, seedlings in 4” $20


Cattleya percivaliana 'Summit', FCC/AOS divisions $45

Cattleya mossiae coerulea, seedlings in 4” $25

Encyclia alata var. virella (syn. belizense) 6” $30 multiple leads

Encyclia Fandango (Orchid Jungle x phoenicea) $25, 6", mature, fragrance of chocolate.


Epidendrum rigidum - little green flowers on mini plant, species is found throughout the tropical Americas. Blooming size plants $20.

Enc. Lorraine Smith (tampensis x phoenicia), $25, 6", mature. Fragrance of chocolate.

Brassavola tuberculata 4” pot $30; these like more shade than you would think. The photo is of a large plant in southern Brazil, where it's mostly shaded all day long.


Lc Wrigleyi 'Blue Lagoon' $50 will divide on order.

C walkerana x Mini Purple $20 mini coerulea

C. mossiae 'Peachy Blue', AM/AOS, sold by division and has not been cloned. Pre order, as the existing division is sold, $500, or just look at the photograph.

C. Leoloddiglossa 'Call That Blue', AM/AOS, propagating by division not clone, $500 and will divide on order. Odd tan flowers with lilac overtones, light spotting, and "blue" lip, awarded 2014. This has C. loddigesii 'Blue Sky' as a grandparent, which we are told may actually be harrisoniana; this would then be an unregistered cross.

C. (bowringiana x purpurata) coerulea $45 will divide on order.

C. Cornerstone 'Compass' $30

C. Canhamiana 'Cobalt', HCC/AOS $50

Lc Margaret Ann coerulea (Loddiglossa coerulea x anceps coerulea) $50 will divide on order.

C. mossiae coerulea 'SVO' x 'Good Lip', have not seen blooms $50

C. warneri coerulea - have not seen blooms $50

C. Remy Chollet x aurantiaca $25

C. trianaei 'A. C. Burrage' $50 small division

C. intermedia tipical $20

C. intermedia 'Aranbeem' AM/AOS $50 will divide on order.

C. trianae semi alba coerulescens, bloooms February into March, an interesting color form, $40 small blooming size. I suspect this one is paler in color if flowered in less light, darker with more, as here in Georgia it is certainly not "semi alba" (white with darker lip) but is lilac with a darker lip.

C. percivaliana x Bc. Morning Glory, large pink, interesting cross, $30, one single lead division remains.

C. loddigesii 'Ellen' x 'Martinelli', have not seen flowers $25

C. lueddemanniana 'Kathleen' x 'Francisco', got this from Erich Michel last year, one div. available, pale "blue" $65

Rlc. George King 'Southern Cross', AM/AOS $30, reserve, the available division is sold.


A plant that came to me labeled C. warneri coerulea, but is not that species, and appears to be C. Intertexta, which is (warneri x mossiae) - very similar to the Japanese clone 'Blue Wind', and might be that clone. One division $60, blooming size.  Grow as for mossiae, rest in winter, blooms in May on last fall's growth.




Catasetums and related orchids:



Catasetum atratum 'Jiffy OK', AM/AOS, one blooming size division $250. Never cloned.

Catasetum expansum - vigorous green clone with bright yellow callus on lip, can bloom three times per season on lead growth. Delightful South American species. $50.

Catasetum incurvum seedlings by early 2016.


Catasetum planiceps in spike 5/22/2015, $40 Fragrant hooded green to yellowish flowers.


Clowesia russelliana BS $30 Green flowers in profusion, very sweet fragrance.

Catasetum fimbriatum BS $35. Plenty of these on the bench, lemony fragrant frilly edged flowers.  Some in spike 5/22/2105.



Oncidiums and relatives:

Miltonia Lake Sammamish mounted, many leads, very colorful true Miltonia, $40

Miltoniopsis Lillian Nakamoto 'Tanto', white/black mask, some hot fuchsia on petals, 6” $45

Mexicoa ghiesbreghtiana mounted on cork $25; miniature growth, bloomed adult plants.


Miltonidium Bartley Schwarz 'Highland', AM/AOS - modest size plants that get bigger, 4" $25

Oncidium (Trichocentrum) splendidum - "mule ear" with yellow blooms, $30

Onc. Comete - splendidum x cavendishianum - more spotting than the above $30

Odontoglossum pulchellum 4” $20


Various other species:

Coelogyne mooreana ‘Brockhurst’ FCC/RHS 6” $50

Coelogyne flaccida- smaller white flower $30

Coelogyne viscosa - smaller white flower $30

Dendrobium kingianum semi alba small divs. $12, 4” pots $15


Den. sanderae var. major - improbably large white flowers $35 blooms February into March

Lycaste lasioglossa BS $30. Just a few, brown with pale petals, blooms February into March


Lycaste Balliae is pastel off white with pink petals and a golden lip. blooms February into March

Lycaste Reverend Canon Mari is red, blooms February into March


Anguloa clowesii, keep cool $30; golden yellow "Tulip Orchids" are highly fragrant.

Anguloa (tognettiae x virginalis) previously bloomed $35, white with pink inside and intense fragrance.


Gongora tricolor $30 small blooming size

Lycaste Athanacia (virginalis x Kurt Servos) - $25 in 4"


Thunia marshalliana - a rather pale lipped clone, still has well known California grower Kay Rinaman's tag in the pot; mature plant of one long cane, $30


Bulbophyllum bicolor divisions $25.

Sobralia chrystostoma - I think this one stays smaller, have not seen the flowers, nice clump $35

Neobenthamia gracilis potted keikis $10 Grows quite tall, heads of white fragrant flowers with some pink and yellow in the lip come in late winter to summer.


Cynorkis fastigiata - small terrestrial orchid from Madagascar, keep dry through winter and water a lot in spring and summer; pinch off flowers after they bloom or they self pollinate and get in other pots as weeds. Uncommon and pretty, flowers about 1 cm across: $20.


Feel free to inquire about divisions of awarded or selected plants. After growing orchids for 42 years there are a lot of nice varieties in the greenhouse, including a number of species of Cattleya, Paphiopedilum, and Phragmipedium not shown here.




All images copyright (c) 2008 - 2015 Carson Barnes


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A note on the photographs: all are copyright Carson Barnes, usable by permission; high quality photo prints are available of many seen here, and many more not seen. Prices for archival prints start at $50.00. Inquire.

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